Fujian Province, China (13/11/2012 – 23/11/2012) – Nanping City


Nanping is the largest city of Fujian, located at the northern side of the province. It is often associated with a famous tourist attraction called Mount Wuyi, which is located at Wuyi county.

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Mount WuYi is named after two sons of Peng Zu: Peng Wu and Peng Yi as the first settlers of the region who opened up this waste land.


It also inherits the gifts by nature and this scenic natural arboretum can be admired by drifting along the Nine Bend Brook – Jiu Qi Xi on a bamboo raft, which is still manually maneuvered by the locals.


Aren’t the “JiuQi Xi” and the spectacular peeks and rocks set each other off perfectly?


While enjoying the tranquil beauty of the nature, look out for the hanging boat-shaped coffin, which said to be the earliest among the extant ones.


It is indeed a fantastic drifting with torrents churning over the mirror clear shoals that rushes the raft through the narrows between high cliffs. The icy cold weather even makes the drifting a better one.

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After the bamboo rafting, we walk along the 300 meter Song Street and warm ourselves with a cup of hot ginger tea. Located at the end of the street is the WuYi Palace.

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WuYi Palace was served as an altar for the emperors of all dynasties to offer sacrifices to Master WuYi.

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WuYi Mountain is also renowned for its production of the most expensive tea, “Da Hong Pao”, a kind of prestigious Oolong tea.

Fujian Province, China (13/11/2012 – 23/11/2012) – Introduction


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