Fujian Province, China (13/11/2012 – 23/11/2012) – Xiamen City


Xiamen is a sub-provincial city in Fujian. It is not Taipei or Hong Kong, but compared to other cities in the region, Xiamen is definitely a very vibrant and modern city.

ZhongShan Road

ZhongShan Road is a shopping and food paradise with dense crowd, hawker stalls and various shopping outlets. Street-to-go if you would like to try some signature local food!

1, Sea Worm Jelly

Xiamen sea worms_aa441

Sea Worm Jelly is a typical dish in Xiamen. And, you can top the dish with condiments like vinegar, sauce and so on. It tastes yucky!

2, Sand Tea Noodles (Literally translated)


Similar to the “Curry Noodles” in Malaysia with little hint of spiciness. The best part is that you can have additional add-ons that suit your own taste like squid, pork belly, pork innards and so on.

Gulangyu Island

Camera 360 478077_4886416199064_1502934779_o

 The Beauty of Gulangyu is very lovely.  The Beauty of Gulangyu is the collision from geometry and color.

Gulangyu is a quaint little car-free island that lies just a short way offshore from the city of Xiamen. Teaming with art and cultural ambience, this romantic island has a large number of colonial houses – a legacy of having been a settlement of 14 different countries.

There are several attractions on the island that are worth seeing:

1, Piano Museum


This museum showcases ancient pianos from all around the world. Too bad, no photos are allowed in the museum. If you have time, don’t miss the organ museum on the island as well!

2, ShuZhuang Garden


Built in 1913, ShuZhuang garden was once the private garden of Lin ErJia – a wealthy Taiwan merchant. The villa was then donated to the government in the 1955.


And, that’s not a man-made lake. The villa was exquisitely built by integrating sea into its design. It is as if the garden was in the sea and the sea was in the garden.

Fujian Province, China (13/11/2012 – 23/11/2012) – Introduction


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