Yangtze River Cruise, China (Oct 2015) – ShiBaoZhai Pagoda


Shibaozhai is a red pagoda leaning on a hill along the bank of Yangtze River in Zhong county, Chongqing.


It consists of 9 floors and a temple at the top. The temple was first built during the reign of Emperor Qianlong in Qing dynasty and people used to go to the temple by just using a chain. Shibaozhai was then later constructed to provide a path to the temple.


Shibaozhai is a architectural wonder of China that was built without using one single nails in the construction.

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It is not easy to reach the pagoda though as tourisits would have to walk over a long wooden strung bridge, which is very rickety and it bounces a lot.

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The next challenge is to climb up the pagoda using the wooden staircase that is quite steep and narrow.


There is nothing much to see at the temple but the whole visit is quite adventurous and the view from the top is spectacular.

Yangtze River Cruise, China (Oct 2015) – Introduction


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