Hanging Coffins History

Hanging coffins are coffins that are placed high on a cliff, often in a gorge with river running through it. They can normally be found in various locations including China, Indian and Philippines.

In China, hanging coffins are ancient funeral custom of Bo People. The Bo People are a small minority population in China but were massacred by the Ming army and were thought to be extinct.

It was said that the hanging coffins could get the soul closer to heaven. In ‘Brief Chronicles of Yunnan’ written by Li Jing in the Yuan Dynasty, there is this statement: “Coffins set high are auspicious. The higher they are the more propitious for the dead. And those whose coffins fell to the ground sooner were considered to be more fortunate.”

Locations of hanging coffins include:

Fujian Province, China (13/11/2012 – 23/11/2012) – Nanping City

Yangtze River Cruise, China (Oct 2015) – Three Gorges





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