Yangtze River Cruise, China (Oct 2015) – Three Gorges


For thousand of years, Yangtze River has been used for water, irrigation, transportation and industry purposes. Now, it is a stretch of highly polluted water from the sewage and industrial dumping.

But, within the navigable reaches of Yangtze River, there is this hidden germ of scenic section called The Three Gorges. Three Gorges are comprised of Xiling Gorge, Wu Gorge and Qutang Gorge. They form a series of natural attractions between Yichang and Chonqing, present you with majestic view surrounded by mountains and cliffs on either side with emerald green water.

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These gorges offer quite similar views but when you go further upstream, the views get more spectacular as the gorge becomes more narrower. Qutang Gorge, the shortest, narrowest and loftiest of The Three Gorges is the most spectacular gorge among the three. This is when you could get a close up photo shots with the mountains and the cliffs.

Here are some of the interesting sights while cruising along the Qutang Gorge. However, there are many unique sights that have been buried underwater due to the construction of Three Gorges Dam.

i. Ancient Plank Road


The narrow meandering path hung on the cliff is the ancient plank road built by Shu People during the reign of Qing dynasty to serve the survival needs of the local people.

ii. Chalk Wall / Fen Bi Tang


Chalk Wall is situated on the cliff of Mount Baiyan of Kui Gate in Qutang Gorge. It is called the Chalk Wall as the wall is white in color, having been brushed with lime powder during the Song Dynasty. This wall measures more than one thousand meters wide and are scripted with Chinese characters from different dynasties.

iii. Hanging Coffin

While enjoying the spectacular view of the gorge, look out for the hanging coffin that was placed high up on the cliff.

Yangtze River Cruise, China (Oct 2015) – Introduction


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