Korea Spring RoadTrip (April 2017) – Yeosu –> Suncheon


Located in the southeastern corner of Jeollanam-do, Suncheon is a scenic city with wonderful bay that has a lot to offer to nature lovers. Each of the attractions sites is pretty huge thus it is recommended to spend at least two days here so that you can enjoy and immerse in the beauty of the nature.

See & Do

Suncheon has this integrated entrance ticket for tourists at 12, 000 won per person which is quite worthwhile. It covers six attractions and has the validity of two days.


Suncheonman Bay National Garden, Suncheonman Bay Wetland Reserve, Ppurigipeunnamu Museum, Suncheon Open Film Location, Nakaneupseong Folk Village, Suncheon Recreational Forest

Below are the places that we have covered for the two days spent in Suncheon:

Korea Spring RoadTrip (April 2017) – Yeosu –> Suncheon: Suncheon Open Film Location (순천 드라마 촬영장)

Korea Spring RoadTrip (April 2017) – Yeosu –> Suncheon: Suncheon Bay National Garden (순천만국가정원)

Korea Spring RoadTrip (April 2017) – Yeosu –> Suncheon: Suncheon Bay Wetland

Korea Spring RoadTrip (April 2017) – Yeosu –> Suncheon: Seonamsa Temple


1, Octopus Stew

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This place has only one item on the menu but the best nakji jeongol (spicy octopus soup) with free flow of dried seaweed, which you can mix with your rice. They also serve Sikhye as dessert – a traditional sweet Korean rice beverage that tastes really yummy!!!

Wonjo Donggyeong Nakji

26, Geumgok-gil, Suncheon, Jeollanam-do, South Korea
+82 61-755-4910

Price: 60, 000 KRW (6 pax)

2, Mudskipper Soup

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Located just across the road of Suncheon Bay Wetland, there is this restaurant that is famous for its jjangttungeo-tang (mudskipper soup). Mudskipper is known to be good for controlling blood pressure, constipation, preventing diabetes and controlling nerves.

Surprisingly, this exotic soup does not taste fishy at all. Instead, it tastes like a hearty stew with some hint of spiciness and sourness. Plus, the meat has all fallen apart so you would not have to imagine that slimey mudskipper when you were eating. And, they served our favourites as banchan: marinated crabs and huge cockles!

Daedaeseonchangjip Hanjeongsik

542, Suncheonman-gil, Suncheon-si,
Jeollanam-do (Daedae-dong)
전라남도 순천시 순천만길 542 (대대동)

Price: 30, 000 KRW (6 pax)


Link to Agoda: Suncheon Namu Guesthouse

42, Jangcheonan-gil, Geumgok dong, Suncheon-si, South Korea, 57956 

Price: MYR 884.71 (6 pax) – 2 nights

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The room is quite basic but equipped with all the basic necessities you need – not too bad for a night stay but not recommended for long stay.

It might be that the guesthouse is using centralized air-conditioning / heater system as there is no remote control provided for us to adjust the temperature. The air flow condition in our room is pretty bad as it got quite heaty with the heater on and there is no windows at the open area, only a small one facing the corridor.

Another important point is that the door can’t be locked but the guesthouse does provide safe for you to keep important things in your room.

Besides all that, Namu guesthouse has a very nice and cozy patio as the public area, where you can hang out playing card games and lego provided there. And, there is even a piano stationed there for you to play!


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