Korea Spring RoadTrip (April 2017) – Yeosu –> Suncheon: Naganeupseong Folk Village (樂安邑城, 낙안읍성)


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Listed as UNESCO heritage site, Naganeupseong Folk Village is the only remaining Joseon dynasty fortress in Jeollanamdo that houses government and domestic houses. To date, there are still families residing in the traditional huts of this folk village and these indigenious dwellings are open to tourists for viewing.

i. Government Offices


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ii. Domestic Houses


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If you walk till the end of the road, you may even climb up the castle to get a bird eye view of the folk village.


And, the folk village is particularly lovely during spring with all the flowers blooming:


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The folk village also organizes daily activities like hands-on programs and performances for tourists to get an insight into Korea’s traditions so make sure you get there early. We went there pretty late and only managed to participate in the traditional customs experience which is free!


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[Daily Permanent Experience Programs]
Gayageum Experience, Blacksmith’s Workshop Experience, Silk-farming Experience, Seodang (village school) Experience, Funeral Rite Experience, International and Traditional Customs Experience, Folk Movie Theater, Filming Site of Daejanggeum, Traditional Musical Center Experience, Natural Dyeing Experience, Weaving Experience, Traditional Musical Instrument Experience, Writing a wish-paper and post card, Straw Experience, Hanji (Korean Traditional Paper) Experience, Fishing, Tofu and Fermented Soybean Lump, etc.

Military music performance (traditional Korean farming music), Gayageum (traditional Korean music) performance, etiquette class, tea ceremony experience, Ugwi parade (traditional wedding parade), traditional wedding ceremony, Korean music performance, etc.

* Participation fee, duration, and reservation vary by program.
* Phone-inquiry regarding hands-on programs required before visiting.

Operating Hours
December-January 09:00-17:00
February-April, November 09:00-18:00
May-October 08:30-18:30


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