Korea Spring RoadTrip (April 2017) – Damyang –> Namwon


Namwon is a city in North Jeolla province that is about 50 minutes away from Jeonju, our next destination.


We are heading to Namwon for only one mission – “banchan” feast. The feast is served in a private house owned by two grandmothers who are in their 100s.

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It is called a feast because there are about 80 kinds of side dishes served – so many that they are stacked in two layers.

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A unique experience but the original old taste of homemade Korean banchan do not really suit our taste buds – most of the banchan are exotic and salty. Those exotic ones are side dishes like herbs, arcon jelly, silk worm, fermented soy bean paste and etc.


Owh, don’t forget to try their handmade rice wine! The rice wine really suits our taste bud though.

And, there are few rules to adhere by if you wish to dine here:

It is open for lunch and cash only

No refill is allowed

Reservation is required and must be made by locals

Minimum headcount is 6 in a group, only 3 groups will be served per day

Namwon House (남원집)

12-1 Sunchang-5 Road, Sunchang-eup, Seonchang-gun, Jeonbuk


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